Effect of deep rooting on carbon deposition and soil biology


Study the effect of deeper and more permanent rooting on soil C storage, and develop DNA based methods for understanding root interaction with soil biology in deep soil during growth and subsequent decomposition.

The objective is to improve the understanding of the processes affecting deposition and decomposition of organic matter and carbon in deep soil layers, to quantify the effect of deep rooted crops on soil carbon stocks below 1 meter depth, and to study root interactions with soil (micro)biology. The activities will include 1) development of methods for measuring deposition and turnover of root derived carbon in deep soil layers, including a simplified model for quantifying soil carbon storage, 2) quantification of carbon sequestration with deep rooted species and 3) methods for studying roots and their interactions with soil biological communities and how deep soil and rhizosphere biology is affected by deep rooting crop species.

WP leader: Professor Jørgen E. Olesen