2015.09.21 | Research news

DeepRoot Lab

The DeepRootLab area has been prepared and this autumn intercropping between Lucerne and Winter Wheat will take place in 6 of the scheduled 24 plots.

2015.09.21 | Research news

Root Towers

Twelve root towers are planned to study deep rooting in detail. The first 6 root towers have been established.

2015.09.21 | Research news

Red Beet/Lucerne intercropping

PhD student Camilla Ruø Rasmussen and PhD student Affendy Bin Hassan have completed a joint experiment testing methods for water uptake and DNA extraction from soil.



Live presentations of the project
Project partners have presented various aspects of the project for a curious audience. The presentations were in Danish and were made into videos. The videos can be viewed on Icrofs website.